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How to customise your muesli

Designing your own muesli is as simple as choosing your ingredients. Then it’s over to us. We mix, pack and send. You eat, enjoy and love.

We’ve made the whole process simple for you.

A one-off cost for all the basics in a 500gm pack at only $18 for a standard mix, or $20 for a gluten free mix.

Customise your muesli for the ultimate healthy breakfast.

Mueslimum Breakfast Muesli Organic Bases

Select one base.

Mueslimum Breakfast Muesli Nuts

Pick 2 grains, 2 fruits, 2 nuts and 2 seeds – the combination is up to you - just select up to a total of 8 ingredients.

And if you love an ingredient to bits, simply select up to 4 serves of that to your mix.

Mueslimum Breakfast Muesli Extras

Add some yummy extras if you want - up to 4 ingredients. Making your final mix a possible total of 13 tasty ingredients.


Yearning for a muesli mix with more crunch?

Make sure you add nuts.

Organic Raw Brazil Nuts Mueslimum how it works
Organic Cranberries Mueslimum customise your muesli

Love a chewy muesli?

Go for more fruit.

It’s all about customising your muesli mix to your own taste.

Can’t wait to get started?

Over to us

We mix your selections, then package your muesli and send it to you.

Choose. Mix. Send.

Your brekkie will never be the same again.